D3VIEW is a web based project originally designed to extract wealth of information about simualtion quality and product metrics automatically saving time and effort. Over time, it evolved into full-fledged web 2.0 application to manage simulation projects, tasks, people and all data from LS-DYNA. Today most industries rely heavily on predictive simulation analysis to develop products based on the cost-benefit to performing computer simulations as opposed to building and testing physical prototypes. Although simulation analysis allows engineers to evaluate alternative designs, materials, or manufacturing processes, companies inherently face tremendous challenges related to the storage, retrieval, and most importantly, management and mining of simulation data. Current PDM systems are not capable of handling the terabytes of data which is generated as a result of performing these simulations. D3VIEW’s Simulation data and life-cycle management (SimDLM) software provides a user friendly framework for storage, management, retrieval and visualization of performance-related data. D3VIEW’s breakthrough technologies can now help companies better understand their product performance and save time, reduce development costs, and improve time-to-market. D3VIEW has been under development for over 4 years and grew out of a need for a tool to manage simulations and was specifically implemented for LS-DYNA in the initial phase of development. There are three challenges we see with the growth of simulations performed today. Firstly, the vast amount of data that is generated over time leading to storage, redundancy and retrieval complexities. Secondly, the storage of simulation data is file-based which limits any data mining that is essential and the inability of this frequently leads to repetitive evaluations and simulation waste. Thirdly, collaboration of simulation is still primitive with shared file systems and emails. D3VIEW solves all these problems by providing a powerful web front-end with mature data-visualization tools for LS-DYNA simulations with capabilities to create, manage and collaborate in a corporate environment. It also comes with standard functionalities such as user-authentication, role-based permission control, integration with load schedulers and a variety of other interfaces that is central to managing simulation data in a collaborative environment.


D3VIEW Blog was originally created to share features of D3VIEW and LS-DYNA. Today, it is read by users from around the world about articles that covers various topics for LS-DYNA.


D3VIEW was founded by Suri Bala, who works full-time at Livermore Software Technology Corporation , in early 2003-2004 to automate simulation quality extraction and simplify visualization of important data from D3HSP. Over time, several industry consultants have contributed to take advantage of web technology to ease the management of simulation data.

2003. Early implementation of d3view
2005. Mature web 2.0 implementation using Ajax and industry standard patterns
2007. Website and blog established
  • Early implementation of Test data manager
  • Material characterizer for LS-DYNA


Brigham Young University uses D3VIEW to manage assemble, manage and collaborate LS-DYNA simulation data