LS-DYNA Simulation Template

Using the newly implemented feature of embedding FORTRAN type expressions in LS-DYNA using the *PARAMETER_EXPRESSION keyword, it is becoming easier to develop analysis templates that can provide flexible ways of changing analysis settings. A partial input file highlighting the possibilities is shown below, and the full file is available here: main.k. Using this as a template, one can import any model (prior to defining *CONTROL and *DATABASE keywords) and run the desired analysis. Parameter names used in the *PARAMETER_EXPRESSION card can be carefully chosen to reflect the names of the keywords in which they are used. LS-DYNA outputs the computed parameter values into the D3HSP file so they can be extracted and directly embedded for future runs if desired.

I ascfreq 1000000000
I binfreq 1000000000
I coarsen 2
I crspsid 913
I d3itctl 2
R tdybir 0
R tdybur stg2+(stg3-stg2)/10
R tdydth stg2
R term stg3
R tirep 0.248

  • S. Ritt says:


    *PARAMETER_EXPRESSION is definitely a useful mean to study sensitivities and so on. Unfortunately, it does not work properly together with certain keywords. So far, I’ve the concern, that *PARAMETER and *DEFINE_COORDINATE_VECTOR and *MAT_LAMINATED_COMPOSITE_FABRIC does not fit together.

    Could you check that?

    Cheers, Stefan

    P.S.: I used v971 r3.1 SMP and DMP for checking, both windows and linux.

  • Suri Bala says:

    Hi Stefan,

    *PARAMETER keyword should be independent of other keywords. If you have a sample problem, you can send them to info at d3view dot com and I would be happy to look into.


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