Deformable Spotwelds in LS-DYNA

Over the years, spotweld representation for crash and NVH applications have evolved from a crude to a detailed modeling resulting in reduced pre-processing effort while greatly enhancing the accuracy of numerical models. Here is link that gives a brief overview of spotwelding process in LS-DYNA. Please note that the document is over 2 years old and has not been updated since. Please refer to the latest LS-DYNA keyword and theory manual for more information.


Additional information compiled by Mr. Jim Day: Spotwelds

  • Elham says:

    In slide 16, the table about solid element dimentions, what are the numbers exactly refering to?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Suri Bala says:


    The spotweld diameter is based on the thickness of the sheet-metals. For a given avg sheet metal thickness of the two parts being spotwelded, the numbers are the ratio of the spotweld diameter and the avg sheet metal thickness which is the mid-plane distance assuming no offet is considered.

  • Elham says:

    Dear Suri,

    Thank you for your responce. If thickness of the sheet is 0.5 mm then the lenght of the weld is 0.5 mm too (equal to distance between two mid surfaces). Also, according to equation 5t^.5 the weld diameter will be 3.5 mm, and the ratio of Diameter to lenght will be 3.5/0.5 = 7, but you have reported the aspect ratio to be 10 in the aformationed slide. I am wondering what I have considered wrong that I am getting 7 while you have reported 10.

    I would highly appreciate your response.

    Thank you,

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