Blog Statistics – Thank You!

Just wanted to post some stats (courtesy we gathered for the blog. It has been extremely gratifying that readers come back to look for information. We want to thank all our readers, and we hope to continue providing useful posts that help LS-DYNA users worldwide.

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  • Akram Abu-Odeh says:


    d3view and the blog have been very useful to me. You have posted many nice articles related to understanding and using ls-dyna. Much appreciate it.

    On another subject, I am curious if the d3view application is going to be a stand alone (PC and/or LINUX) sometime in the future.

    I used it few times before and I found it very useful, I wish I could use it much more. However, the fact that it is an internet based application influences the utilization of such program.

    Best of wishes and thanks.


  • Suri Bala says:

    Hi Akram,

    Thanks very much for the feedback. D3VIEW is a web application and can be installed on any machine with minimal requirements. The next release is a few weeks away and once I am completed with that, users can download it to work internally.

    Thanks Again.


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