Encryption Comes to LS-DYNA v971 !

Encryption has been around for several years but it finally comes to LS-DYNA in the form of GPG encryption which can be used at no additional cost to encrypt LS-DYNA input files to protect important proprietary data such as material definitions. Any portion of the input file can also be encrypted in multilple blocks of information except the *KEYWORD and the *INCLUDE keywords. Information related to the encrypted data will not be output to D3HSP file. The following images show the process of encryption.

Public Key Cipher
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Running Encrypted Files in LS-DYNA
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Some Common GPG commands
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Additional References
GnuPG Home Page
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) web site
GPG Quick Guide

  • amir says:

    Hi Suri,

    finally it is done.
    I guess it looks somehow complicated. Could you imagine to demonstarte the tasks step by step on a simple example.

    Please take a simple example from yours on this website, encypt with a password eg. PaSsWoRd_2007_EnCrYpT and show us the next steps.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Suri Bala says:

    Hi Amir,

    I will try to put together an example soon. It does seem complicated but probably with an example, it will be clearer to see how simple it actually is since most of the difficulty is only with the initial set up.

    Suri Bala

  • Len says:

    Hey Suri —

    We have been waiting since 2007 for that example! 🙂 –len

  • Tim says:

    Hi Suri,

    I cannot find out how to run an encrypted DYNA file. Do you have any documentation available on this?

    It appears fairly straightforward to encrypt using gpg. What is not clear is how to instruct DYNA to decrypt the input deck.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • Jason says:

    Hi Suri:
    Please give an example how to use decryption input function, thank you anyway!

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