Interactively Terminating LS-DYNA Jobs

There are several methods available to interactively termination an running LS-DYNA job. They are briefly discussed here.

1. Sense Switch ‘SW1’
This command is typed by first typing ‘Control-C’ followed by ‘SW1’. This causes LS-DYNA to terminate gracefully by writing all the information from memory to the file system.

2. Creating a file ‘D3KIL’ in the working directory
By simply ‘touching’ (ex. touch file_name in a unix environment) a file named ‘D3KIL’ in the running directory, LS-DYNA will behave as in step 1 above. In addition, any of the sense-switch controls can be included in the first line as shown below.


3. Fast Termination using the sense switch control ‘STOP’
This is one of my favourite ways of stopping a large job as it completely skips the dumping of data and exits very quickly.

4. Using Process Id of the LS-DYNA Job
For jobs that are submitted via a load scheduler such as OpenPBS, PBSPro or LSF, it is difficult to interact directly with the job. In such cases, you can issue a kill signal -2 such as one below. It is extremely important to have a file as in step 2 above such that it can extract the sense-switch from the file ‘D3KIL’ or the file named ‘switch’. In the case of multiple processor job, the first master pid can be used.

kill -2 lsdyna_process_id

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