Sense-Switch Controls for Interacting with Running LS-DYNA Jobs

There are several sense switch controls that are available to interactively request LS-DYNA respond to certain pre-defined calls. The well documented sense-switch controls for Explicit calculations are listed below.

General Sense-Switches

Type       Response
----       ------------------------------------------------------------
sw1        a restart file is written and ls-dyna terminates
sw2        LS-DYNA responds with time and cycle numbers
sw3        a restart file is written and ls-dyna continues calculations
sw4        a plot state is written and ls-dyna continues calculations
sw5        LS-DYNA enters interactive graphics phase
swa        LS-DYNA flushes all output i/o buffers
stop/quit  halt execution

However, for Implicit LS-DYNA jobs, the following sense-switch controls can be used which are not yet documented and will be included in the list of options in the future versions of LS-DYNA.

Implicit Sense-Switches

Type       Response
----       ------------------------------------------------------------
con        force convergence and continue
iter       toggle putting data into d3iter database
lpri       toggle level of printed information from linear equation solver
nlpr       toggle level of printed information from nonlinear equation solve
  • Weldon Li says:

    Mr. Bala,

    During the struggling for convegency, If I use “con” to force the simulation to normal termination, will that give me resonable simulation results? Can I always use “con” to force any implicit simulation to normal termination?



  • Suri Bala says:


    “Con” was implemented to continue calculation so that it can write out simulation data which may help in indentifying areas in the model for slow convergence. If the norms (displacement, energy and residual) is not within tolerance, I would not consider them besides using them just for debugging purposes.

    Suri Bala

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