d3View v2.0beta – LS-DYNA Simulation Data Manager – Releasing Shortly

Since the first release of d3View, there have been many incremental but bold steps that were taken to tackle the problem of simulation data management especially related to LS-DYNA. I am proud to announce the next generation of simulation data manager that will be available shortly to worldwide users in the form of d3View v2.0 beta. It is a result of over 5 years of part time development with a simple goal of using web 2.0 technologies to help LS-DYNA users manage, mine, compare, and collaborate their simulations.

Many people have helped me in various ways (feedback, testing and simple encouragement), and I wish to thank them all because without that, it would not have been possible to sustain the development, especially when it was being done as a hobby.

If you are interested in beta testing, please send an email to info at d3view dot com.

New Home Page (Click for larger View)

Simulation View (Click for larger View)

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