Initializing Velocity

Initial velocity is always specified to a single node and can carry only one value. Multiple initial velocity definitions for the same node will always use the last encountered value. To illustrate this, if we have nodes N1,N2 and N3 and we define a initial velocity for all nodes to be ‘V1’ followed by N2 to have a velocity of 0 followed by N3 to have a value of ‘V3’, the final velocities for the nodes will be N1->V1, N2->0, N3->v3.

  • daniele says:

    Hi there,

    I started a week ago to use ls-dyna for my thesis.

    I have to build a model of a disk with blades attached.

    the material of the disk is rigid and the material of the blades is plastic kinetic.

    I applied an initial velocity (rotational) using *initial_velocity_generation to a *PART composed by disk (rigid) and blades (plastic).

    the output model spins as I wanted but there is no stress or strain in the blades!

    I tried to apply *dynamic_relation (with the default values) but the result is still the same

    could someone help me please?

    in your opinion what should I modify or check?

    thank you


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