LSDYNA Simulation Notes

While working on a simulation model, it is often very convenient for oneself or to others to make necessary notes that documents the changes in the input file. While each person’s method of documenting changes in short sentences could vary, a formal pattern of documentation could help unify the documentation so anyone can easily follow the evolution of the input files.

Here is a generic pattern that could be followed subject to changes


Examples listed below should be self-explanatory.

1. Added control_shell card and set esort to 2

2. Added hourglass to part 1 and set hourglass to 2


3. Added Viscoplasticty for all materials

4. Modified a point in the curve id 12

5. Combined change. Added Rigid material and used that to part 1

6. Swapped a powertrain from 1.2 L to 2.6 L

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