971 Release 3.2 is Now Available

Here are the release notes.
Features and enhancements included in 971 R3.2 that were not available
in 971 R3.1 include the following:

New Material Models:
*MAT_255 ()

Enhanced Material Models:
support of user defined failure for:
– *MAT_123 (VP=1)
– *MAT_103
– *MAT_024 (VP=1)
*MAT_191 now supports end release for beams
*MAT_187 updates
*MAT_126 add corotational local coord. system for formulation-1
Add V option for aopt=3,4
– *MAT_026
– *MAT_126
*MAT_036 added a cap to out-of-plane shear stress, when M is integer
*MAT_172 added hourglass properties for shells
*MAT_236 addes interior strain point calculation
*MAT_SEATBELT added error termination if the maximum slope in the
loading curve exceeds that of the unloading curve.
Added warning if modulus in a load curve table exceeds Young’s
modulus for several material models.
Print Warning if prca and prcb are blank in
– *MAT_002
– *MAT_022
– *MAT_054
– *MAT_055
Added warning message or error termination if
user inputs improper stress-strain curve for fitting for:
– *MAT_027
– *MAT_077
– *MAT_177
– *MAT_178
Added the negative NUMINT option to material 123
Added viscoplastic strain rate to:
– *MAT_024 (VP=1)
– *MAT_123 (VP=1)
– *MAT_224 (VP=1)

Added synchronization of implicit time step after an adaptive
Added arclength method node control in MPP

Boundary Conditions:
Added implicit treatment of boundary prescribed orientation.

added flag on AIRBAG_HYBRID_CHEMKIN to turn on/off digitized load


– Add list of untied nodes to MESSAG file for automatic tiebreak
contact option
– enable particle database in d3plot
– add MPP support for recent IOOPT option for intfor file.

Update for new weld option (Honda)
Add a new feature to *TERMINATION_CONTACT allow the job to terminate when
the maximum contact force is reached.
Add guided cable contact to MPP
Add flag to turn on shell element offsets in contact.

Added optional thickness scaling for *INCLUDE_STAMPED_PART
Added new keyword *COMMENT
Added “date” option for *VENDOR keyword added to R3
Added a new command line option: ncheck=n
where n is the of number of times to check the existence of input file.
Support for constrained_extra_nodes option in selective mass scaling scheme
Add warning about not supporting prescribed motion during modal
Added user-specified spin speed for PRESCRIBED_ORIENTATION_VECTOR
The remainder of this file describes (sometimes quite cryptically) many other
enhancements, additions, and bug fixes made since the release of
LS-DYNA version 971 R3.1. These items are listed chronologically
with the most recent items listed first.

improvements to global search for 2d_thermal contact

several minor bug fixes in sensors

Fix for *CONTACT_AUTOMATIC_…_TIEBREAK with OPTION=3 fixed in SMP – MPP was ok

Fix restart bug related to SPH and full deck restart.

Fix for rigid to deformable switching involving solid type 4

Fixed again two surface force transducers when used with segment based contact.

Fix for MPP handling of tied thickness when specified on the contact card.

Fix for MPP “groupable” override flag in pfile, for tied interfaces

Correct Implicit handling of tied nodes with failure constraints.

Fix for MPP output of peak pressures in intfor file: last state had
all 0 for these.

enabling r-adaptive load_thermal by initizlizing temperature after rezoning

Fixed MPP brick weld initialization so that it will not hang.

Fixed bug in ansys outout.

Fixed bug for *AIRBAG_WANG_NEFSKE/HYBRID: Negative parameter A23
with Part-ID > 9999999 was not working in single precision.

Fix. Parameters from ELEMENT_BEAM_SECTION were not
transformed and stored correctly. Manual has to be updated, too.

Fixed possible division by zero in material 120.

A bug fix in springback compensations

Fix vc problem in automatic contact.

fix for rigid body coordinates for implicit to explicit switch

Fix: update orientation option for SMOOTH forming
contact (MPP only)


Fix for interior contact option 2

Fix for *PARAMETER. Allowed a -minus sign before any parameter definition.
For example, -&VAR1.

Fix *sensor_define_node when n2>0

Fix for frictional energy calculation for auto tiebreak

Fix 2 minor include transform bugs

Fix for case including both shell and 3D EFG.

Fix for coordinate ID’s related to orthotropic materials to transformm
to internal IDs in the keyword reader. This fix is to ensure that the
dyna.str file works as intended.

Fixes related to triangular shell element coordinate system to account
for invariant numbering.

Fix for material 57 to correct the calculation of internal energy
density which was inaccurate for the large time step sizes of the
implicit solver.

Fix for INCLUDE_TRANSFORM related to material 181.

Fixed potential 2 surface force transducer memory errors when used with
segment based contact.

Fix for rotations in MPP output of drdisp.sif file

Fix format to tell users to check D3HSP for printed curve IDs. The

curves may be internally generated in the keyword reader.

Fix for MPP rb compression in d3plot when used with pre-decomposition

Fixed MAT_236 for shells

bug fix calculating enclsosure radiation view factors for
axisymtric geometries.

Fix for *MAT_ADD_THERMAL and solid element constitutive models, e.g.,
type 3

Minor fix for MAT_073 reading.

Fixes for thermal option related to *LOAD_THERMAL_ELEMENT_…

Fixes for laminated shell theory (materials 22, 54, 55, 76, 114)
All Materials used 2x the correct weight on the on the top and bottom
integration points for Labotto quadrature. For materials 76 and 114 with
user defined integration, the unsorted material properties were used for
calculating shear strain terms, fxi,fyi and zi1. Since the sort routine
orders them top to bottom, this likely caused all the material properties
to be flipped if the user input the points in the order from bottom to top.
This would cause incorrect results if diffrerent properties were used in
each layer unless Labotto quadrature was used.
For materials 22 and 54, and 55, the unsorted material angles were used
for calculating the shear strain terms, hi1, and hi2. For orthotopic
material properties, the calculated hi1 and hi2 terms were therefore
incorrect unless Labotto quadrature was used.

Fix for load_thermal_element option for erroneous error check leading to

Fix for fitting of Ogden foam model due to out-of-range numbers

Fix related to METALF when NDOF=3.

Fix related to type 4 triangular shell and buckling.

Fix for GCEOUT file

bug fix for M136


Fix memory clobber for implicit solid spotwelds

Fix for spotweld option to convert subset of beam elements.

Bug fix for *control_forming_template

Several MPP rigid-rigid contact:
friction handling, force summation, and surface reorientation.

Fix for load curve reading problem related to seatbelt shell elements.

MPP modifications to bucketsort for AUTO_TIEBREAK contacts, to better
handle very thick materials

Fix for material type 61 which goes unstable for tet types 10 and 13.

Update for handling 1000000 load curves efficiently.


Fixed a bug in *LOAD_DENSITY_DEPTH if number of parts if more than 8

Fix for surface force transducers for segment based contact. This memory bug
could have happended when not all processors have 2 surface force transducers.

Fix for material 36 with hardening rule 7 (3 load curves).

Fix use of wrong variable in MPP d3part initialization.

Fix truncation error for *MAT_123

Fixed a segment based contact bug that caused the optional thickness on
*PART_CONTACT to be ignored if shell thickness updates were active and no parts
used the thickness scale factor on *PART_CONTACT.

Fix problem in automatic tiebreak options 8/10/11 where the mass of the
slave node was being used, but was not being passed, resulting in NANs.

Fixed a bug in MAT_SPOTWELD_DAIMLERCHRYSLER when used with damage types 1
and 2. The density of the material changed to a wrong value after damage

Fix for joints in the presence of implicit-explicit switching.

Fix for *MAT_MUSCLE related to small stepsize

Fix for *DAMPING_PART_MASS related to velocity boundary conditions being
affected by damping applied to deformable nodes with prescribed motion.

Fix for *DAMPING_GLOBAL related to nodal points that have prescribed motion.
This damping changes the applied displacements from the specified
values. This fix corrects this problem for the nodes of deformable

Use local rigid body accelerations for airbag pop option. Previously
the global accelerations were used which is in conflict with the
users manual’s instructions.

Bug fix for selective mass scaling in conjunction with 10-noded tets

Add MPP support for recent IOOPT option for intfor file.

Fix problem of MPP reopening intfor file during adaptive problems.

MPP fix for reorientation of surfaces with inconsistent normals

Fix storage allocation for constrained_linear with 2000+ nodes.

Fix for smooth contact problem related to undefined node set.

Bug fixed for 2D axisymmetric EFG in centering the stress point.

MPP fixes to output of d3part database

Fix possible bug in mat 173 principal stress direction calculation

Add option for alternative version of Mat 85 (does not affect existing models)

Fix for adaptive remeshing for ESORT=2

Fix MPP tied contact for implicit-explicit switching

Fix uninitialized variable in MPP rigid-rigid contact

Fix for thick shell type 26 to properly handle offset from midsurface.
Warping stiffness must be active.

Fix for thickness offset related to type 16 shell and warpage active.


Fix flexible rigid body for initialization, rigid and flexible switching.

Fix for eigenvalue problems with only solid elements and no rigid bodies.



Fix for mat type 172 with shell type 16


Fix: Internal energy is now computed for shell type 18.

Fix bug at corners when multiple boundary conditions are used
with SPH elements

Fix for file SSSTAT in restart. Also we sperated the output interval

Bug fix for ale interface force binary plot fsifor.

Minor fix for MAT_100_DA with DG_TYP=3: Default for GFAD now 1.e-15
(was 0.0 before, leading to no failure at all).

A bug fix for mapping with symmtric condition

Fix for Boundary Prescribed Orientation for Implicit.

Fix for energy calculation in material model 12

Fix for *DEFINE_CURVE_FUNCTION: did not work for
translational and rotational motors.

Fix to damping when IGNORE is set to 1

Fix for Brode loading and shell sets is now fixed.

Bug fix for tiebreak contact option 11 with VDC damping and negative

Added penalty formulation for treating contact between rigid bodies and
the rigid road surface.

Fix for format problem in DYNA.INC file related to *LOAD_PRESSURE_SHELL.

Fixed type 9 beam spot weld failure. The moment term in the failure
calculation may have used the wrong beam length since the wrong beam
element ID was used. The 3-sheet calculation was OK. Therefore for
models using 3-sheet welds, the bug may have not caused much trouble
since the 3-sheet calc is used for an entire block of beam elements if
any one of the beam participates in a 3-sheet weld.

Bug fix for tiebreak contact options 10/11 with viscous damping VDC.

Fix related to deformable to rigid switching, when the
Inertial properties are specified for the merged body.

MPP fix for rigid to rigid contact.

Fixed related to table lookups in CONSTRAINED_

Fix related to inconsistencies between Madymo an ls-dyna force
calculations for rigid to rigid contact using a force deflection curve.
Energy is now conserved.

Fix MPP explicit initialization for implicit joints

Fix for possible memory clobbering when *RIGIDWALL_PLANAR and
*PART_COMPOSITE are used together

Fixed a problem with solid welds. Weld failure types 7 and 8
use tied contact info to identify properties of the shells to which the
welds are tied. It is possible for the tied contact to be on a different
proceessor than the weld in which case the info cannot be found, so
message passing was added to weld initialization.

Fix for *INITIAL_AXIAL_FORCE_BEAM: resultant force was too high.

Fixed output of two-pass adaptivity

Fix related to implicit nonconvergence of materials 77, 177, and 178.

Fix related to implicit consistency flag (ncpu<0)

Fix for *ELEMENT_MASS_PART and shells: corrected mass calculation

Fox for RBE3 with DOF’s release. Problem occurred when consistency
option is active.

MPP fix/change for better handling of adaptive constraints if they occur
at decomposition boundaries AND they are involved in a tied interface.

Fix handling of sense switches (sw1,sw2,…) for implicit.

Fixed contact for Genoa material.

Fix for jumps in sliding interface energy when adaptive steps occured.

Bug fix for material 187.

Fix for non working thinning for thick shell elements and material types 2, 22, 55, and 58.

Fix for *SET_BEAM_GENERAL with the ALL option to exclude phony beams for
springs and dampers if BEAM is set to unity on the DATABASE _BINARY_
D3PLOT database.

Fix for RBE3 constraints for MPP Explicit.

Fix l2a problem related to output of optional joint energies

Fixed problem with INCLUDE_TRANSFORM for material model 176.

Fix for bug related to nonphysical stresses that develop soon after
the calculation begins. Keyword CONSTRAINED_SHELL_TO_SOLID.

Fix related to material type 120 related to FPE on selected platforms.

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