Packing LS-DYNA Input Files for Easy Distribution (v1.1a)

In a previous post about a simple Python script that scans a LS-DYNA input file to package all INCLUDED files recursively so the entire model can be compressed and sent to the recipient.

Based on some new suggestions, largely by Brian Wainscott, I have attached a revised script that handles the included files a little more nicely. It works by scanning the main input file and copies all INCLUDED files to a more generic directory (INCLUDES) and also updates the path in the main file.

You can download the script here : Download (Python script)

Next planned implementations would include the option to FTP or MAIL the compressed file with an optional message to the end user.

  • Airfoil says:

    Hi Suri,
    Thank you for the script. I have been using your script since v1.0. My problem is that, my include files always two directory away from my header. example:
    It will be nice if V1.1a can maintain the header file but only alter the directory line such as:
    ../BIW/biw.key to BIW/biw.key.


  • Suri Bala says:

    Hi Airfoil,

    Thanks for your note. I have made that change among others and the new version will be avaible shortly.


  • Airfoil says:

    Thank you. I can’t wait for the release.


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