LS-DYNA and D3VIEW helps BYU Students build PACE F1 Car

Over six months ago, two students, Rob Moncur, pursuing his MS, and Satyan Chandra, pursuing his UnderGraduate Studies, in Brigham Young University (BYU) set out on a path to build a LS-DYNA crash-analysis model of the PACE F1 car in under 8 weeks. Under the guidance of their professor, Dr. Greg Jensen, and with minimum support from myself, Rob and Satyan achieved, what seemed initially a very challenging task, to build a working crash-analysis model of the PACE F1 car as part of their course work. You can find their final report PACE_LSDYNA_FINALREPORT_Aug28.

LS-DYNA was used to simulate the crash-analysis event of the F1 car and all model development (assembly of meshed components) and post-processing was performed using LS-PrePost. As the collaboration between BYU and LSTC was done remotely from separate locations, d3VIEW aided in managing all data related to the PACE F1 crash-analysis model development using a simple web browser. Attached are some snapshots from the d3VIEW collaboration software.

Preliminary LS-DYNA Simulation (click to animate)

[D3VIEW] PACE Project Simulation Home (clink to enlarge)

[D3VIEW] PACE Project Recent Activities (clink to enlarge)

[D3VIEW] PACE Project Document Management (clink to enlarge)

[D3VIEW] Short Video

d3VIEW helps PACE group to build a F1 Car from d3view on Vimeo.

Dr. Greg Jensen was kind to share some prototype pictures. The PACE F1 prototype is currently in display at GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. Notice the LSTC logo located on the nose of the car

PACE F1 Car Prototype click to enlarge.


Brigham Young University is a reputed university based in UTAH.

LS-DYNA is a multi-physics and multi-stage linear-nonlinear finite element software that is the leading crash-analysis software in the world. LS-DYNA is developed by Livermore Software Technology (LSTC) headquartered in Livermore, Californina.

d3VIEW is a virtual product development collaboration web software that helps in managing all data from LS-DYNA.

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