Hugely Successful LS-DYNA Conference 2012

Recently held 12th LS-DYNA Conference, June 4-5 2012, was a huge success with over 680 attendees from over 21 different countries. It was great to see users from all over the world attend and present some fascinating work in LS-DYNA. The concluding talk on LS-DYNA developments and roadmap from Dr. John Hallquist and the development speakers showcased some powerful features in the upcoming versions of LS-DYNA.

Below are some personal pictures taken at the conference. You can view more pictures from 2012 LSTC Conference Pictures

Dr. John Hallquist’s Welcoming Address on June 4th 2012 morning

Dr. David Benson during his presentation on ISO-GEOMETRIC Analysis

Dr. Thomas Hughes presenting during the Keynote Address on ISO-GEOMETRIC Analysis

With Marsha Victory who was gracious to sponsor booth space for d3VIEW

With Dr. Thomas Hughes who was kind to pose for a photograph at the LSTC/FEAInformation/d3VIEW booth

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