MPP LS-DYNA Intermittent Profiling Information

During MPP LS-DYNA execution, often there is a need to know how each of the “threads” are doing in terms of overal CPU utilization. Until now, one has to wait till the job is fully finished so we can review the load-balance information from the main D3HSP file.

From LS-DYNA 971 r7 onwards, there is now a new “sense-switch” control named “prof” that can be now used to output CPU utilization while the job is running. This is a great feature to probe long-running jobs and to ensure that the run is performing well.

The feature was added by Dr. Jason Wang in MPP LS-DYNA

PS: You can also review “Time per zone Cycle” in the main-processor’s GLSTAT file to review the CPU utilization but may not provide a complete picture of how the slave “threads” are doing.

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