Commenting LS-DYNA Keyword Blocks

A clever way to comment out blocks of keyword can be easily achieved using the *COMMENT keyword. Example: In the following example, the keyword *MAT_ELASTIC and all cards until the next keyword is commented out by simply adding a *COMMENT in front of it. *MAT_ELASTIC 1, 1.0e-9, 210.00, 0.3 *SOME_OTHER_KEYWORD …. …. to *COMMENT*MAT_ELASTIC 1, […]

Cohesive Element Timestep

Cohesive material models are well suited for representing the behavior of structural and non-structural adhesives that is now increasingly used. To accommodate extreme dimensions of the element such as zero volume or near-zero volume, the timestep of the Cohesive element is based on the characteristic stiffness and mass of the element instead of the characteristic […]


In earlier versions of LS-DYNA, the axis N1-N2 was always set as the local-x but in new versions (since LS-DYNA v971), the N1-N2 vector can be configured to be either X,Y,or Z. Image below shows the influence of DIR in the local system set up.

MPP LS-DYNA Intermittent Profiling Information

During MPP LS-DYNA execution, often there is a need to know how each of the “threads” are doing in terms of overal CPU utilization. Until now, one has to wait till the job is fully finished so we can review the load-balance information from the main D3HSP file. From LS-DYNA 971 r7 onwards, there is […]

Oasys 4th LS-DYNA Update Meeting in Pune and Bangalore

I will be attending the upcoming LS-DYNA Update meeting in Pune (May 3, 2011) and Bangalore (May 5, 2011). You can find more information at LS-DYNA Update meeting . If you are in Pune or Bangalore, it will be great to see you there.