In Airbags with reference geometry (*AIRBAG_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY), when the airbag bag element in folded state is smaller or larger than the reference state, stress needs to develop. LS-DYNA suppresses these initial strains so no stresses develop to avoid bag distortion and to improve stability. This may cause the bag to deploy but its final shape may […]

Damping for Airbags

When simulating airbag deployment, using the classical uniform-pressure (CONTROL VOLUME) or non-uniform-pressure (ALE, Particle), users frequently encounter oscillations. These oscillations are generally categorized as local and global. To reduce both forms of oscillations, LS-DYNA provides two types of damping that are briefly discussed here. 1. Mass-Weighted-Damping The parameter MWD in *AIRBAG_{OPTION} keyword provides a means […]

Airbag Leakage Modeling in LS-DYNA

In the area of numerical simulations involving the use of airbags to absorb impact energy, passively or actively, accurate definitions of airbag leakage parameters play a crucial role in predicting the response of impacting objects (ex. occupants). LSDYNA provides various options for airbag leakage modeling that may appear overwhelming at first but are actually quite […]