At Xfinity Inc, we strive to innovate and deliver a product of highest value to our customers. Our mission is to provide a service and a platform that helps our customers to go from data to making a informed decision quickly powered by rich interactive visualizations and machine learning.

Currently, we have the following job openings. If you are qualified and have interest to help us achieve our goal of providing a great product to our customers, please send us an email at

2. UI/UX Software Developer

o Design and develop REST based API, iterate screens, and convert to code on the server using PHP and MYSQL databases.
o Conduct System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing once developed modules are integrated into main application before deployment.
o Gather user requirements from simulation engineers and scientists in the automotive, aerospace and consumer industry and translate those requirements into UI screens to provide optimal human computer interaction with d3VIEW for end users.
o Design and develop user interface based on user requirements using JavaScript/HTML/CSS and using frameworks including jQuery, Backbone, D3, and PHP/MySQL.
o Develop and design single page applications on the d3view platform using various tools and applications to provide data extraction and date driven transformations.
o Create interactive customizable visualizations using D3 JS library that can help analyze data quickly to track performance targets related to jobs thereby streamlining faster and better decisions.
o Support, Enhance and Test plugin based application that measures High-Performance-Computing resource utilization to improve simulation job wait-time, elapsed-time and to optimize the resources.
o Develop interactive dashboard to provide a comprehensive insight into real-time and historical visualization of HPC resources.
o Develop a machine-process automation tool that captures human workflow and translate them to a sequence of decision based workers.
o Work with subject-matter experts to train and develop multi-layered workflows using built in workers, develop new workers based on user feedback and deploy and test the workflow execution.
o Develop, support, test and maintain Presentation Reporter using HTML5 technology to allow seam-less inclusion of simulation data in the form of 2D Curves, Images and Movies, and export them to PPT or PDF.
o Implement several chart visualizations like bar charts, pie charts, donut charts, box plots, frequency plots, timeline charts etc. for comparisons and graphical representation of data using D3.JS.
o Architect Single Page Applications (SPAs) using common design patterns and hands-on experience with JavaScript Unit Testing Frameworks.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a directly related field.

Rochester Hills, Michigan