Physical Tests

A Comprehensive Application for Tracking Experiments.

Experimental Communion  

Scientists from the early ages until now, have relied on experiments to better understand nature. 

Today, as simulations drive product-development, experiments continue to play an important role in improving our simulations. 


An All-Encompassing Platform

d3VIEW, from its early versions, has focussed on providing a unified, simple-to-use platform to store and manage experimental data across sciences and most importantly to overlay Test vs CAE and increase our understanding of simulations.

As illustrated to the right, the importance of having a single platform, as in d3VIEW, facilitates the accessibility of both simulation and physical tests using identical storage, transformation and visualization

NameDescription d3VIEW
NHTSA XMLTime-historyYes
NHTSA JSONTime-historyYes
EXCELTime-history and MediaYes
Media ProcessingImages and MoviesYes

No Data Left Behind

Test-data comes in a variety of data-formats and supporting these formats is critical to bringing data from different labs. The table to the left indicates the different formats currently supported by d3VIEW and is growing. The readers are designed to be fast and can run on multiple OS in single or parallel processing.

Comprehensive Support

d3VIEW’s Workflows application helps make data-import, sanitize and visualize easier by automating data processes.

Employ test data import workflows which include d3VIEW’s templates, data extractions, workers and visualizers in one simple data-pipeline.

A Perfect Pair

Prepare, integrate and explore test and CAE data together using d3VIEW’s new match maker feature and data visualization application Simlytiks®.

Match Maker simplifies mapping physical test and simulation responses together, while Simlytiks® houses a variety of charts and graphs which aid in analysis such as time-series plotting, image re-orientation and media overlay.

Make the Match

To learn more about how you can start using d3VIEW to pair and overlay physical tests and simulations harmonious, click the link below and request a demo!