LS-DYNA Material Selector

Finding a good material law can sometimes be a daunting task even for experienced users. To facilitate a quick review of possible material laws for a given material criteria, a LS-DYNA Material Law Browser was created for personal use and I hope its useful for others. Please send any feedback you may have at info […]

LS-DYNA and D3VIEW helps BYU Students build PACE F1 Car

Over six months ago, two students, Rob Moncur, pursuing his MS, and Satyan Chandra, pursuing his UnderGraduate Studies, in Brigham Young University (BYU) set out on a path to build a LS-DYNA crash-analysis model of the PACE F1 car in under 8 weeks. Under the guidance of their professor, Dr. Greg Jensen, and with minimum […]

Experimental Data Management inside d3VIEW

As a simulation engineer, we always like quick access to experimental data. Over the years, with a powerful framework that was developed within d3VIEW, this is now possible to import and visualize experimental data. With a few configurations, you can further tie this with simulation data for easy overlay and comparison. This following video shows […]

Visualizing Dynamic Relaxation Convergence

Understanding the rate of convergence when employing Explicit Dynamic Relaxation can be very useful to track model sensitivity and to solve convergence problems. d3VIEW now has support to auto-extract the convergence information after a simulation is completed. It also processes DR graphics data to identify points of divergence. Attached is a snapshot from a recent […]

Include File Listing

Added support to view the name and type of included files defined in the main input file. Here is a snapshot:

Title Customization

Job Titles can now be easily customized as demonstrated below.

Summary View Customization

Implemented draggable module windows so users can customize their summary view. This feature is demonstrated in the image below.

Model Notes Module

When a model is post-processed, its often very difficult to repeat it when viewed again at a later time since we may have moved on to a different model and would have lost track of the model history. To document a model as soon as we review its results, a “Web Observer” is now made […]

Web Browser to Paper

Implemented feature to print using any standard web browser. Just use the browser’s print option to print any page of the d3hsp tabs. The web view and the print view should be nearly identical. There will be continuing improvements to make the print view consistent with the web view. If you find any major differences, […]

LS-DYNA Warning Messages

Started implementing an interface to view warning messages reported by LS-DYNA. Future upgrades will include more association between warnings and their related entities.

Airbag Definitions

Airbag or Control Volume definitions are now displayed as shown below. Currently, only the general parameters are shown but eventually, all the parameters based on the inflation models will be rendered along with appropriate curve defintions such as mass-flow, temperature, etc…

Export Bill of Materials

Added new feature to support the export of bill of materials (BOM). The current order of the columns are fixed but will later be allowed to be customized. BOM can be exported in either CommaSeperatedValues(CSV)/Excel or a well-formed XML file.

Database Cross-Section

Implemented viewing of cross-section information. LS-DYNA® outputs nodes/elements for automatic cross-section definition (via *SET_PART) and this information is captured in the D3HSP file as shown below.

Simulation Timing Information

Implemented feature to view timing information. Three types of data can be viewed. 1. Timing distribution based on some major routines in LS-DYNA such as contact, element, etc. AND individual contact based. 2. When running in distributed environment, you can view the host/processor based timing distribution. 3. Using data available in 2, you can view […]

Contact Definitions

Added extraction and viewing of contact interface definitions. The view part is currently hooked up as an initial interface but will be redesigned as we hook up other options. Any suggestions on the display are welcome.

Multiple Curve Plotting

Implemented multi-curve plotting support for both IE and Firefox. Here is the snapshot:

Job File Name and Title

Implemented feature to view the job name and the job title at the top of the page. This is helpful to associate the contents quickly to the job name/title irrespective of the page location.

HyperElastic Fit

Added support to view hyperelastic fit information.

Implicit Solution History

For every implicit converged step, LS-DYNA reports the number of iterations it took to converge and the number of stiffness reformations it had to make. To view this, d3View added a support to view the stiffness reformations, number of iterations, energy, and displacement norm time-history.