Curve Extrapolation

Curves are used widely to define a XY data that are used by several entities in LS-DYNA. They help us to define either a time-dependent function, used in loads and boundary conditions, and/or a strain/strain-rate dependent function used frequently in constitutive models. Three most salient features of curve representation, that occur internally in LS-DYNA and […]

Limitations of Using LCSR for Strain-Rate Inclusion in MAT_024

The widely popular material model *MAT_PIECEWISE_LINEAR_PLASTICITY (MAT_024) supports various methods to include the strain-rate effects. One of the methods is the scaling of the quasi-static stress-strain curves using a load-curve, LCSR, that defines a scale-factor as a function of strain-rate. This method works by first finding the yield-stress, SIG_QUASI_STATIC, as a function of the effective […]


Starting in LS-DYNA version 970 and later, we can now use expressions instead of digitized values to define an XY curve. Optionally, the expressions can refer to other curves which could be defined using either digitized points or using expressions themselves. Here is an example of its usage: Polynomial Expressions You can define a generic […]