Smoothing Length in SPH

Update James Kennedy reported a minor print error with regards to default smoothing length calculation. This has been corrected. Thanks James. In Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), the particles not only pocess time-history variables such as density, displacement, velocity, acceleration, strrain-rate, stress-rate, etc but they also act as interpolation points. The space and time dependent variable […]

Viscous Damping Coefficient (VDC) in SPH Contact

Viscous Daming Coefficient (VDC) is freqeuntly used in contact interface definitions (*CONTACT) to damp out oscillations normal to the contact segment. It is specified in percentage of the critical damping where a value of 90 is 90% of critical damping. In one recent applications using SPH for gravity initialization of a filled fluid container, using […]

SPH Contact Definitions

SPH is now widely used in several high strain-rate and large-deformation problems which may otherwise be difficult to simulate when using traditional mesh based approaches. LS-DYNA allows mesh-based and mesh-free techniques such as SPH to exist and interact in one simulation allowing users to take advantage of both procedures. The interaction or coupling between the […]