Free SSH and SFTP Tool for Windows

Windows users usually have a need to connect to Linux based systems and rely on Putty or commercially available tools. One software that system administrators use and recommend is MobaExtern – that is free and extremely powerful. If you are on a Windows platform this tool may greatly help connecting to other machines seamlessly. You […]

2015 LS-DYNA European Conference

2015 LS-DYNA European conference will be held in Wurzburg, Germany. You can get more information from here .

LS-DYNA Conference 2014

The 13th LS-DYNA ¬†conference was the largest conference which was attended by over 650 attendees¬†from around the world. You can find the papers from the conference here   Following are some pictures from the hugely successful LS-DYNA conference recently held in Dearborn, Detroit. 1. Dr. John Hallquist, President and CEO of LSTC, ¬†presenting the latest […]

Frequency Domain and Fatigue Analysis in LS-DYNA

Dr. Yun Huang and prepared an excellent package to get started in Frequency Domain and Fatigue Analysis in LS-DYNA. You can download the package here (From FTP.LSTC.COM)


NLOC value (default = 0 ) allows you to specify an offset of the reference surface from the nodal surface. Image below illustrates the significance of this value.

Hugely Successful LS-DYNA Conference 2012

Recently held 12th LS-DYNA Conference, June 4-5 2012, was a huge success with over 680 attendees from over 21 different countries. It was great to see users from all over the world attend and present some fascinating work in LS-DYNA. The concluding talk on LS-DYNA developments and roadmap from Dr. John Hallquist and the development […]

LS-DYNA Advanced Class in Detroit

Its been a while since my last post. I wanted to take the time to share that I will be teaching an LS-DYNA Class in Detroit, Michigan. You can visit Registration for more information. FEA Information will be including more information on this in its next publication.

D3VIEW Update : LS-DYNA Examples Project Now Available for Public

The LS-DYNA Examples Project , managed using D3VIEW, is now available for public usage. If you want to become part of the team to contribute to the examples set, you can send me an email at INFO at D3VIEW dot COM.

Problem with IE has been fixed

Just wanted to update that the navigational problem when using Internet Explorer has been fixed.

Application Maintainence

During the software development cyclce, numerous sample D3HSP files are used for testing purposes. As and when we get new bugs reported using our feedback form, they are fixed in a “live” mode. Fixing bugs this way for a production code during the early software deployment helps to address users issues quickly. During these live […]

Bill of Materials and more!

Completed the implementation of the viewing the bill of materials of the finite element model with full listing of element type, mass, material family, etc… Additionally, when each part row is clicked, it opens a new layer showing the detailed material information and any related curve display. Our idea was to have one place to […]

New Server!

Upgraded the server. Should expect a 3x speed up. Also enabled cache to render static pages.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Fixed a major bug affecting SVG rendering in Mozilla Firefox. Now plotting of any SVG is rendered properly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Firefox rendering seems a little slow though. Example of svg usage is a simple pie-chart showing mass-distribution.