18. Generic Optimizer Workflow

Generic Optimizer is workflow which is used to prepare, run and optimize any LSDYNA simulation model. This workflow can be used without any prior tarining required. Generic Optimizer workflow will guide us through the optimization process, and it can provide suggestion through the process for easy execution. We can make decisions in real time while workflow is executing.

Different steps to execute the Generic Optimizer workflow.

18.1. Adding input file

Adding input file and add parameters to the input file.

18.2. Parameter rows and Sampling type

Select the parameter rows and select sampling type for the parameters

18.3. Template decision

Template decision , select template and select the output for which doe to be performed.

18.4. Template Curve

Select Target curve and target values for the optimization.

18.5. Optimization

Select optimization method and execute the workflow completely to view the output report.

Select optimization

Optimization loop execution