22. Release Notes

22.1. 2023


1 Now we are able to Clone charts, copy visualizations and paste on to the other panel in Workflow Simlytiks Reporter Mapper worker.

2 Input for any Dataset worker can now come from the output of the Workflow Reporter worker Dataset in Workflows.

3 In Workflow Simlytiks Mapper worker, when a new page is added in Pages & Visualizations tab, it is set as active by default.

4 The Workflow Provider worker has a new input called Autoplay that can be set to yes/no. This Workflow Provider can now access and play remote workflows which can be auto-played (i.e.which have at least 1 user inspection or GUI selection available). To enable this, the input “Autoplay” must be set to “Yes”.

5 We can view the Visualization charts in single page for multiple workers with visualization outputs in workflow. Click on Allow multiple charts option to view multiple chart outputs in a single page.

6 Iterator Start has a new option in the context menu called Reset Iterator which will allow resetting of values and state all at once in workflows.

7 New option available to cache worker execution that will significantly improve workflow execution time. If the inputs have not changed, there will be no need to execute since the outputs will be same.

8 All library workflows are updated to ensure the files needed by the workflows are packaged. All workflows now should execute without an error about missing input files.

9 In Workflow Simlytiks Mapper, the configurator now has Cancel button and Save & Close button in the footer beside Continue button.

10 Start worker has new option for the list input which allows to select the dataset and the columns from the same worker to the input.

11 When a Worker is placed onto multiple edges, the edges incoming to this new worker are multiple.

12 Now we can add iteration to any number of workers by selecting the workers in Workflow.

13 Now we can edit the Curve image in workflows and save it to the Curve Digitizer.

14 A Mapper button is added below the workflow input in Workflow provider which allows mapping of 1. Map the current workflow’s inputs to remote workflow’s inputs 2. Map the remote workflow’s outputs to current workflow’s inputs and 3. Reporters mapping between workflows.

15 Workflow Mapper in Workflow Provider allows user to choose the left form to be filled by any worker inputs rather than just START worker in Workflows.

16 Curve outputs show a preview of the larger curve in the outputs container when we open a Worker in Workflows.

17 Iterator Start worker will now show only the basic options to Clone and Change Type in settings.

18 Newton Visualizer worker now has support for Datum lines Dataset input which adds datum lines to the Curve output at given position and value.

19 Newton visualizer worker now has support for Datum Areas dataset which can have labels, descriptions. The descriptions are shown at the top of the datum region which can be right clicked and Edited or removed in Workflows.

20 Newton visualizer worker now has support for Annotations dataset which can have value, color and position columns. We can see the Annotations based on the position in the Output curve.

21 Sample Datasets are available for the Dataset inputs in Workers.

22 Simlytiks Reporter now has a way of filtering out invalid visualizations for a particular page that can be accidentally created in Configure Manually.

23 A remote lookup input will now show a button called View Simulation or View Physical Test right below the select input which should take you to the respective simulation/test in Workflows.

24 All remote lookup inputs will have an option to show the list as a carousel. This can be switched within Options dropdown under the input container. This is just another view type for the remote lookup list in Workflows.

25 PHYSICALTEST_HAS_RESPONSE_BY_NAME worker now supports all search locations in Workflows.

26 Workflow Provider Mapper has new UI update and Mapper options in Workflows.


28 Added DATASET_REMOVE_OUTLIERS worker to Workflows.

29 Remote lookup input in Start worker now has list of Master Templates that can be selected.

30 PHYSICALTEST_NHTSA_DATA_IMPORTER worker now has logs to support in case of errors while executing Worker.

31 UI update for Video Analyzer Worker and added support for movable Xmin Xmax Ymins and Ymax in Video Analyzer Worker.

32 Added new worker CURVES_LONGEST_COMMON_SEQUENCE to measure the overlap distance between two curves in Workflows.

33 Added ML_LEARN_SVC worker and ML_LEARN_RFC in Workflows.

34 For a curve dependent on previous worker data, change Type of selection to Choose Curve From Dataset and auto select Row & Column which triggers the Data table curve selection, also better messages if dependent dataset does not have a value.


1 Newton Threshlolds - Newton Visualizer shows us the threshold tables for Curves. In newton we can resize the threshold table container,Thresholds in curve visualizer, Newton, can be toggled as needed.

2 Added new worker *CURVE_POWER.

3 New worker *CURVE_SQRT is now added to compute the square-root of the y-values.

4 Added new Worker *CURVE_FUNCTION that can now use expression to find the new y value. The expression can use x and y values

5 Added new worker *DATASET_GET_ROW_NEAR_ORIGIN to get row where the values of a column are near zero.

6 Added new worker *DATASET_FILTER to filter based on columns using UI.

7 Added new worker *DATASET_SQL_QUERY to use SQL-like query to find records from a daset.

8 DATASET_FILTER is now available for flexible filtering of datasets.

9 Curve Digitizer will render the Image to be digitized with default xmin ,ymin, xmax, ymax offset and added background grid for the image.Curve Digitizer by default sets xmin = 0, xmax = 1, ymin = 0, ymax =1 , xfactor = 1, yfactor = 1.

10 Added worker to add a include file to an existing simulation.

11 Added new worker *D3HSP_EXTRACTOR.



14 Added new Worker *lsdyna_parse_sensors_from_simulation to extract sensors from a simulation.


16 Added fix for Binout_extractor worker.

17 Added *DATASET_DROP_COLUMNS to drop dolumns from a dataset.

18 Added ML clustering workers to workflows.

19 Added new worker *DATASET_GET_CURVE_BY_COLUMN to extract a set of curves by column name.

20 Now in thresholds for Newton we can differentiate between positive and negative signals for Pack Power using the highlight area.

21 Extended *EXCEL_TO_DATASET worker to support scientific format where the curve values can be specified to import curves as part of the structured data..

22 MATERIAL_EXCEL_PARSER now has support for processing drop-tests.

23 Support to have an option to merge two Start worker when we merge the workflows. Users should have choice to select which two Start workers from the merging workflow needs to be merged.

24 :ref:` MATERIAL_EXCEL_PARSER now has support for compression (uniaxial and biaxial) from OSU. <materialexcel>`

25 Added new worker *CURVES_DIVIDE_PAIRS to divide pairs of curves.

26 CURVE_SMOOTH has a new argument “Number of Iterations” to iteratively smooth the points in a curve

27 Added new worker *CURVE_TRIM to trim curves based on y values.

28 Added simulation_finder, physicaltest_finder, attachment_finder, response_finder.

29 :ref:` Visualization workers are now in the Viz Tab and not the Workers tab. <vizworkers>`


31 Added *KEYVALUE_GET_NAMES to return the names of the items.

32 Added new worker *DATASET_TO_DOE_PARAMETERS.



35 We can now erase curve in multiple curves image for Data Digitizer while extracting color curve.

36 We can now crop curve in multiple curves image for Data Digitizer while extracting color curve points.

37 Added new worker CURVES POWER to workflows.

38 Added new worker CURVES SQRT to workflows.

39 Now Simulations can be created from an Archive file using a worker SIMULATIONS CREATE FROM ARCHIVE FILE.

40 HYPERGRAPH worker now supports Multi-line expressions.

41 Added Video Analyzer to Workflows where we can analyze the video and execute them to view dataset output.

42 Template is created and X Y and Z responses are extracted in template after executing HYPERGRAPH_IMPORTER_WORKER workflow with tpl file as input.

43 Added new input Smooth derivative to CURVE_REGRESSION_SMOOTH worker in Workflows.

44 Added new input Smooth derivative to CURVES_REGRESSION_SMOOTH worker in Workflows.

45 Added GENETIC_MUTATOR worker now has population size, mut_probability, num_iterations and points to return as variables as inputs.

46 Added new input field Num of rows to the DATASET_GET_ROW_NEAR_ORIGIN worker in Workflows.

47 LSDYNA_MATERIAL_CURVE_VALIDATION worker now works with curves in workflows.

48 Workflows application is moved higher than Simlytiks.

49 Widget view type is added to the inputs in the Start worker.

50 Tour guide support is added to inputs in Start worker for Widget view.

51 MATH_ROUND worker now removes spaces and returns just the number in the specified format in Workflows.

52 JOB_SUBMIT_BY_CONFIG worker now has Verify , Preview and Stop options while executing worker.

53 Now we have Form-input-table support for LSDYNA_MATERIAL_CURVE_VALIDATION worker in workflows.

54 Comments can be added to the saved Workflows and we can see the user ID for the comment added.

55 Added new worker *PHYSICALTEST_SYNC_TIMEHISTORIES in Workflows.

56 New option Validate is available under Tools option in Workflows to validate all the workers.

57 Now we have support for curve overlay of dataset curves along with other worker curves.

58 Video Analyzer now supports clipping of the video from both the ends.

59 Video Analyzer now allows dragging of the region in the worker.

60 Video information is available now in Video Analyzer worker.

61 DATASET_REPLACE_COLUMN_VALUE worker can now support multiple lines with duplicate ids in Workflows.

62 For input workers, Simple view type is made default view in Workflows.

63 CURVE_GET_X_WHEN_Y_INCREASES worker now returns the correct X-Value in Workflows

64 Added Model type input feature to *DATASET_SIMULATED_ANNEALING worker.

65 BINOUT_SUMMARY worker is now added to extract binout summary from any simulation in Workflows.

66 X_SF and Y_SF is now supported while importing MME data in PHYSICALTEST_MME_DATA worker.

67 CURVE_INTERPOLATE worker is executed completely when Use Existing Points input is set to Yes in Workflows.

68 Decision provider worker provides a text area output to a worker which has a JSON input.

69 Now Simulations can be created from an Archive file using a worker SIMULATIONS CREATE FROM ARCHIVE FILE.

70 In worker inputs, when Remote lookup Type is chosen as attachments and an attachment is chosen, check to see if any file input is dependent on this attachment .

68 Decision provider worker provides a text area output to a worker which has a JSON input.

69 Worker outputs now show inline data that van be enlarged on clicking for Dataset and Curve outputs.

70 In Start Worker - Headings, Hyperlink , Horizontal separator and Vertical separator inputs are added to widget view.

71 In ISO_MME worker zip file, now we are able to extract all responses from .veh and .occ files.

72 Image annotator is added to Start worker widgets view.

73 In Video Analyzer, now we capture Frame Image and export movement tracking data into CSV.

74 Added option to upload new video to create a new instance of Video Analyzer.

75 All worker inputs have a new menu EDIT , VALIDATIONS ,OPTIONS in Workflows.

76 Worker inputs can be cloned now in Workflows.

77 In Workflows, execution of any worker within the modal will show messages in the footer.

78 Added new option for LSDYNA_PARSE_SENSORS_FROM_FILE worker so we can parse sensors from a file or from a text area.

79 In Workflows - IO View is now stepwise, groups autoplay once all inputs are filled in Start worker.

80 In Workflow, File inputs now have support to choose from sample files.

81 New input type called Worker input is added to Start worker.

82 We see paused message and dashed border for the worker when execution is paused in workflow.

83 SIMULATION_CREATE_FROM_ARCHIVE worker now supports 7z files both in Linux and Mac.

84 Physical tests created using CSV and EXCEL file.

85 In Workflows, now we provide Roles and Permissions for Author and Viewer under settings option.


87 Return type is added to the DATASET_SIMULATED_ANNEALING worker which performs SA optimization..

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